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Project Plan

GOING FOR GOLD is a work of two stages.

We have just completed stage one, and managed to win Best Play Award in the process!

Stage One:

We previewed at the Brighton Fringe Festival on 29th/ 30th May 2023 at the Rotunda Bubble Theatre, before moving on to a four night run at the Chelsea Theatre on 5/6/7/8th June 2023.

This stage was a development stage. 


Thanks to all those that were part of the reception and participated in the projects journey. We need your support and response.

Stage Two:

Is to secure funding and a full production.

We will then perform a five week run in London and tour the project nationally before taking it to Barbados and St Vincent.

  • MAY / JUNE 2023 - Initial performance and further development

  • JULY / SEPTEMBER 2023 - MHFA Workshop Development and funding applications

  • OCTOBER / DECEMBER 2023 - Finance raising

  • JANUARY / MARCH 2024 - Pre-production

  • APRIL / AUGUST 2024 - London Run & National Tour

  • SEPTEMBER / NOVEMBER 2024 - International Tour to Barbados & Saint Vincent

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