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The Cast

The Creative Crew

Writer - Lisa Lintott


Betsy Robertson / Sebastian Senior

Lisa Lintott / Jazz Lintott / Frank Skully  
Honourary Producers:

Kevin Givens / David McClafferty / Michelle Ifili Jenkins

Stage Management and Props:

Charley Hughes


Movement DIrector: Hamza Ali

Sound Design: Jamie Lu

Lighting Design: Cheng Keng

Projection Design: Denzel Hassell

Costumes: Julia Robertson 

Wigs: Lorna

Boxing Training:

Clinton McKenzie / Michael Kennedy /

John Woods

Scored Music: Michael McEvoy

Original Song: Sidders  

Playlist: Lisa LIntott / Frank Skully

Graphics and Web Design: Dacre Brassey Web Build: Matthew Callow

Content Creation: Cristina Propser Production Stills: Sophy Bicci

Programme: Design: Polly Brown

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